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PSU Grad Photo Locations

Picture this: You are a senior graduating from Penn State University. You just bought your cap and gown and you are ready to take some of the most important photos of your life... your graduation photos. Other than taking wedding photos and family photos, graduation photos are right up there with the most common photography sessions that people book. And there is a reason for that. You are documenting a lifetime accomplishment that usually only happens once, an experience that you never want to forget, and sometimes documenting the friend group that are some of your favorite people in the world before you all separate off to different locations in the world.

What better way to document your experience at Penn State than picking locations that are meaningful to you and your friend group! Here are a couple of locations that I think are the best places to take pictures at Penn State.


1. Old Main

In my opinion, the prettiest place on campus. Perfect for the aesthetic photo. And perfect, if you need one photo to say... Penn State. A very recognizable landmark.

2. Beaver Stadium / Pennsylvania State University Sign

For the football fanatic...or tailgate fanatic. This is also perfect for getting that one shot of the PSU Sign that your parents are going to want. This location is my absolute favorite for champagne-popping photos!

3. Nittany Lion

Again, a great location if you want your photo to scream... I WENT TO PENN STATE or WE ARE. Not a lot of variety with these photos, but essential. How could you NOT get a photo with this historic landmark. Fun fact, they say that it is the 2nd most photographed landmark in Pennsylvania.


4. Arboretum

If you are a nature junky, this is for you. The flowers, the plants, the landscaping. This is a perfect location for the natural feel and overall stunning backgrounds. You can walk around and take a million different photos with different colors and views.

5. Your College

This could be Smeal Business Building, Carnegie Building, or Schreyer Honors Sign... all depending on your major and what you are involved with.

6. Where You Spend the Most Time

For me, this would mean Willard Media Center and probably a lot of coffee shops downtown. For you, this could mean the Library, the Hub, etc. The options are limitless!

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