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It is great to virtually meet you!

If you read my homepage, then you found out that I am currently a 21-year-old student photographer and fellow creative person! I love anything photography, it is my way to release some of my artistic expression and passion.

I believe everyone has a story to tell, I would love to be able to capture your story through my lens. 

I offer personalized photography sessions that can be tailored to your specific needs! Whether you are looking for portraits, couple photos, family session, or a wedding (and more!), I am excited for the opportunity to potentially meet and work with you!

Let's create art together:)


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My Story

Growing up, I've always been the girl who is creating by making crafts and taking as many art classes as possible, so to many it comes as no surprise that I turned that artistic expression toward photography. 

In fact, in my senior year of high school I actually turned down taking a math and science class and instead took two extra art classes including an AP Drawing course. My first job was unique in that I started selling my artwork here and there to make a little extra money. I didn't realize that that could be a full time job though, until I started my first 'real' job. That job was working for the amazing local artist near my hometown, being her art studio assistant. There I realized that you can take your passion and turn it into being your own boss, an entrepreneur. 

Throughout high school I also started experimenting with my dad's canon camera. With practice, I started taking friend and family photos. That turned into taking senior photos while I was a senior in high school. When I finally graduated, I received the best graduation gift ever, my own camera. That camera I took to college with me where I am today, a senior at Penn State University.


As a senior in high school, I could have never imagined myself turning a side hobby in a business. But here I am today 4 years later, enjoying my passion and constancreating.

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